The Development, Relief and Education of Alien Minors Act

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Each year in late spring thousands of young students are graduating from high school and are looking forward to begin college. Most students have chosen what college they are going to, have packed and are ready to go and accomplish their dreams. However, there are thousands of students that graduate each year, that have dreams as big as their classmates and will never know what it is like to attend to a college or even visit a college campus. But they have hope that their dreams can be accomplish by passing the Dream Act. There are many reasons why this law should be pass not only would it improve the economy by creating new jobs, but it will help undocumented students accomplish their dreams, and show what a great nation the Unites States is.
Studies have shown that if the law is passed the economy will improve. America needs these talents that the student have, their gifts and their drive to success. With the intelligence and the approved of this act better jobs would add up to $329 billion and 1.4 million jobs to the nation’s economy over two decades (Alan Gomez). This law benefits everyone in this country not only the undocumented youths.
The Development, Relief and Education of Alien Minors know as the Dream Act is a law that would help young undocumented students who are now graduating from high school find a path to legal status and be allow continuing their education to college (What is the Dream Act). Many young adults grew up in America, they have learned to call this wonderful country their home and sending them to their country is just like sending them to an unknown place, where they will not fit. After all the United States was created by immigrants who wanted to be free and create a better life for themselves and...

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...r themselves. President Obama announced his new policy, and since that day many of the young illegal immigrants got the chance to get temporary work permits, while they hope for a more permanent solution (p.11). The Dream Act is the future of this young undocumented students and a boost for this country economy the United States can become a better nation by helping them and others. Everyone should be able to accomplish their dreams it does not matter where people have come from if they are rich, poor or what gender they are God made everyone equally even though most people do not consider that. People come to America because it is the only country that offers many things that anyone wishes for and this immigrants only dream of a better life to be someone their parents can be proud of. They just want to accomplish the American Dream and they should be able to do so.

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