The Drastically Change of Technology Over the Years Essay

The Drastically Change of Technology Over the Years Essay

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Technology has changed drastically over the years. From the first automobile, to computers, to even smartphones, technology has changed and it has changed our lives so much more than we may know. The question is whether or not this statement works for every new technological advance that is introduced into society. George Rodman, author of “Mass Media in a Changing World”, states that this theory is know as technological determinism, which is defined as “the introduction of every new technology changes society, sometimes in unexpected ways.” This theory can be disputed, however three print medias can help in seeing whether or not this theory holds any truth by putting these mediums up against this theory. The three print medias are books, newspapers, and magazines, all of which have been on top of the way people have gathered media over the past century, all of which, I believe, affirm this theory.
The question that comes up next is, how do these three print medias, affirm this theory? Lets start off with books, which are one of the main print medias used today. Books have been here for a very long time. All the way back to the ancient Egyptians and their papyrus, which was a reed that the Egyptians used to invent paper. It grew along side of the Nile River, and paper is derived from it. Later on came the first resemblance of today box, know as a codex, which was made up of parchment, dried animals skins, bounded together on one side. Books have changed forms over many of years, and even have become digital. The book may have changed forms, but the main change it did was for society. Before books, the culture that existed was known as oral culture, which is “a culture in which information is transmitted more by speech than by wr...

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...society. This can go on for a long time and each case can be debated, but I feel that we are still at the surface of what is to come in technological advances.

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