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Dr. Flint 's Life Essay

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Linda becomes pregnant again with Mr. Sands child, this threw Dr. Flint over the edge he cut all her hair and insulted her every day saying he would make her suffer till her last day for this “crime” against him. She gave birth to a daughter named Ellen. She know what’s in store for slave girls. Dr. Flint notice who the father was by looking at the baby girl he was so angry she fainted. She made several attempts in having her and her children bought but the Doctor would not budge. Dr. Flint had an obsession with Linda and offered for her and her kids to live in the cottage he built and all she and to do is sew for his family and she could live there and be “free” she refused and was sent to his plantation to work for his son. She left the children with her grandmother. While she was there she planned her escape to conceal herself at a friends until the search was over hoping the Dr. would sell her and her children. She put her plan into action and the search was on she was bit by a poisonous snake on her way to concealment. She then moved from her friend’s house to her grandmother’s friend’s house for concealment she was a white slave owner as well but they trusted her she hid in a small storage room. Dr. Flint had Linda’s brother and children thrown in jail hoping to bring her back. Mr. Sands was finally able to buy his children and William he didn’t set them free. Her Uncle Phil was also thrown in jail.
Linda spent the next seven years of her life in a small crammed roof in her grandmothers shed it was 9 feet long, seven feet wide and the high part was only 3 feet with little to no ventilation. Her grandmother, Aunt Nancy and Uncle Phil were the only ones who knew about her hiding place. Here she spent many gruesome winters an...

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...ry.” She stood up for Linda and was willing to serve time. She paid for the freedom of Linda and her children.
Linda showed personal responsibility in all the choices she made. Form trying to gain freedom by having Mr. Sands children. To running away, living in fear, not being able to hold or talk to her children, risking the possibility of being crippled as she hid in he dungeon to free her children. Everything she did was for her children she’d rather die trying than to see them be slaves. She was one of few slave who knew out to read and she felt that she was responsible to teach an old helpless man to read so that he could read the words of God. She also stood up for her self against Dr. Flint knowing that slaves would never in their right mind do so. There was many time’s that she wished that she was dead, she had the opportunity to take her life but she didn’t.

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