Essay on Dominic Carter's Struggle With Mental Illness

Essay on Dominic Carter's Struggle With Mental Illness

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Mental illness is a plague that incapacitates the human brain and corrupts people’s thoughts and feelings. “In the United States and internationally mental disorders are common.“ According to the National Institute of mental Health (Statistic, page 1) an estimated 26.2 percent of American ages 18 and older , that’s about one in four adults, suffer from diagnosable mental disorder in a given year”. Many people walk the challenges of mental illness without a proper diagnosis, or confirming their suspicion that something is wrong with how they are functioning on a daily basis. It is important to note that mental illnesses affects the relationship between parents, children, siblings, friends and ultimately with society as a whole. Untreated mental illness negatively impacts the hum brain in different capacities. People suffering from mental illness have difficulties making daily living skill choices and decisions. Dominic Carter is a successful Journalist working for the biggest media conglomerate in the United States. He works for Time Warner, NY1, and has interviewed people of the caliber of Nelson Mandela, Michael Jackson and has appeared on the cover of The New York Times, something Dominic never thought he would achieve. Dominic also attended many social events at the White House where he had the opportunity to meet with former President, Bill Clinton. During the rise of his career Dominic Carter decided to uncover his past history and what he discovers is not the typical loving and caring story of a mother, son relationship. Dominic describes how his mother struggle with mental illness and how his life was impacted by his life was negatively impacted by his mother’s mental illness. Like Dominic Carter’s mother...

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...needed or assigned outside the home services. If Laverne was not capable of taking care of her own needs, how do we know that she was able to meet the above needs for a foster child. I imagine that since the child was not removed from Laverne’s care the child’s needs were being met. Dominic Carter left to the imagination of the reader the inconclusive history of his mother’s mental illness . I would have like to read more about the sexual abuse and how he responded to the intrusive thoughts, or if he ever acknowledge that symptoms, behavior and thoughts of sexual abuse. Furthermore, he did not elaborate on his mother’s domestic violence, and how he was impacted by it and if he made any connections between his mother’s mental illness, domestic violence, rape and abandonment issue. Dominic talks about very important information about his mother mental illness

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