Girl Interrupted And American Horror Story: Insane Asylum

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The stigma and negative associations that go with mental illness have been around as long as mental illness itself has been recognized. As society has advanced, little changes have been made to the deep-rooted ideas that go along with psychological disorders. It is clearly seen throughout history that people with mental illness are discriminated against, cast out of society, and deemed “damaged”. They are unable to escape the stigma that goes along with their illness, and are often left to defend themselves in a world that is not accepting of differences in people. Society needs to realize what it is doing, and how it is affecting these people who are affected with mental illness. If we continue to not help them, and to foster their illness, …show more content…

People are constantly bombarded with negative images of people with mental illness. In movies especially this is seen. Most horror movies are centered around a character with mental illness who goes unnoticed and performs horrible crimes because of their illness. People who are portrayed as being depressed, anxious, or compulsive in media are usually seen in a negative way, whereas the characters who are carefree and have no emotional problems are seen in a more positive way. Media is significantly adding to the stigma of mental health. Movies and shows like, “Girl Interrupted” and “American Horror Story: Insane Asylum” portray hospitals in a way that has truth to it, however they portray the people in a negative way. It has become more known to society that the hospitals that the mentally ill are subjected to living in are not a good place to be. However, the stigma that mentally ill people are dangerous and cannot overcome their illness is still widely …show more content…

In the book, “Rampage”, it is discussed, because many kids who go through the school system are not known well enough to see the warning signs. No one wants their child to have this negative stigma that goes along with mental illness, so they blind themselves to what is there. Most parents make excuses for why their child is exhibiting behaviors of mental illness, and hope that it goes away. However, for some children it does not. And these are the children who slip through the cracks in the school system and go unnoticed by others. Mental illness gets more negative attention when these school shootings happen, because all it does is add to the already deep-rooted idea that people with mental illness are dangerous. However, the truth is that if society had paid more attention to the kids who exhibited these symptoms earlier, then they might not have acted out in such an extremely violent

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  • Analyzes the social stigma and self-stigma associated with mental illness in the article "being sane in insane places".
  • Opines that psychiatrists need to be closely monitoring how medications are affecting patients and trying to get them to grow socially and become more independent.
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