Does Literature Make Us Better People? Essay

Does Literature Make Us Better People? Essay

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In today’s society, people of the 21st century tend to talk about what others tell them than actually reading it for ourselves; and if we do read its on the computer or our smartphone. What is it about our generation that makes us more prone to reading literature on the internet instead of reading it in a book. one such man, author Gregory Currie, publish two articles “ Does Literature Make Us Better People” and “Reading Literature Makes Us Smarter And Nicer” he argues that reading literature open our mind up to a different point of view which we would have never thought about if we didn 't read literature. Currie begins building his credibility with experiments, facts, and statistics evidence as to internet or book reading helps us soak in the information.
The article “Does literature make us better People” talks about our generation that we are now and how we came about as far as reading, also we tend to have a certain emotion we feel after reading. Our ancestry grew up in a very basic world by this i mean they had horse and buggy to get around, and wood to make a fire. This square shape item that having wording in it to tell a story is called a book. This sort of practice was there home entertainment, almost equivalently to us when we are watching a movie about a story that our ancestry use to read in a book. The reason they read books was to adventure off to another life which they would feel apart of once they read the book. Think of it like when were watching a superman movie we tend to think we have all these powers while the movie is playing but when its over we come back to reality. In Currie article he says “literature’s vaunted power to inspire empathy?” Which really describe how it is when we read literature we under...

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...on activity we are actually being relieve from stress which helps us be more calm and nicer. Majority of the time when we see somebody thats mad there usually stress over something so if reading can exempt stress then Currie is right about literature makes us be more nicer. Now we realize that he was right what about literature makes us be better people. When we read it helps to clear our mind because we are no longer stress, which makes us focus on our goals in life. Currie’s articles is telling the truth which we now know that literature helps us at everyday life.
Currie begins to make the readers become more emotional by the way he describe how literature make people feel. He says “lowering story about a child murder they will afterward report feeling worse…” he try to engage the readers to have a sense of sadness so that they can get interested in whats going on.

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