Essay about Does Internet Pornography Effect the Promiscuity of Teenagers?

Essay about Does Internet Pornography Effect the Promiscuity of Teenagers?

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Tapes or CD's that made for adults use only, has been very easy to watch for anyone on the internet. Without any restrictions internet porn has been a major topic in a major topic with teens in their homes. Internet porn has been untouched for years, until the president passed a Communications Decency Act in 2000. But it seems like it’s not really affecting anything because minors can still access free internet porn or nude pictures. The CDA makes it a crime to send of filthy videos over the internet, which can be viewed by minors. Pornography still is and will always be available over the internet, but since this law was passed a few years back things changed just a slight bit. The law makes it illegal to knowingly transmit obscene or nasty material to a minor. There is some protection for on line service providers such as America online, and prodigy whose systems are used for transmissions.

Cyber porn raised so many first amendment questions when the government tries to regulate who controls the flow of all that information. In my opinion the only reason pornography is on the internet is a big deal is because kids are now learning about sex at an early age. But in reality, these pornographic relation sites are only a very small fraction of the million sites out there on the World Wide Web. There has been a big discussion of suggestions a rating system. There has been a rating system for sex, violence, nudity and bad vocabulary that was successful with being on video games and movies. The Recreational Software Advisory Council found that thousands of websites and home screens could be rated and controlled. There wouldn’t be no problems with violating rights if this only leads to making sure that kids cannot have access...

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... a fact because when me and my friends first started browsing the web, we thought it would be cool to look up porn. And “bANGbROS’ came up as one of the TOP freed sites. From the articles I read didn’t say most of the pornographic pages I reached would say “click here if your over 21 “and at the bottom it says ‘ if your offended by this message or under age please click here “ and we used this to get access. I have to admit that that there’s some sites that lets you game access very easily and
Joseph VI
those are the site that should be regulated.
Furthermore I feel like pornography does affect a teenager’s mindset because once they watch it once they got to watch it twice. And that causes them to have a whole new outlook to the world and relationships.

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