The Controversy Over Internet Pornography

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The Controversy Over Internet Pornography

When the car industry comes to mind, you think of Detroit. When oranges come to mind, you think of Florida. When pornography comes to mind, you think of the Internet. Almost everything in today’s society has its place, and the place for the pornography industry is the Internet. Being almost inevitable, pornography has become part of everyone’s Internet experience. Whether its junk e-mail or a nasty pop-up for $3.99 a month subscriptions, its hard to say that there isn’t anyone out there who hasn’t been exposed to Internet pornography in one way or another. One reason for this is the overwhelming size the pornography industry has grown to become. For some, the easy access to the industry has allowed for millions of dollars to be made. For others, this has caused serious problems. Parents who have children know what troubles Internet pornography can bring. Not only do actual pictures and services provide a venue for profits to be made, but software preventing the easy access has became more popular as well.

If your thinking of starting your own business, try starting you own porno site. With millions of users daily the Internet is an entrepreneur's paradise. A subscriber’s list of five thousand people with a monthly fee of $3.99 will generate over 200,000.00 a year in profits. With the profit potential so high it’s no wonder why the industry has grown to be so big. The dollar signs are not all that encourage participation in this industry. The thought of working from home and making your own hours are one of many fringe benefits. Having to only update your site once a week leaves a lot of room for time off. Of course, the pornography industry doesn’t stop with...

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...ssfully block access to any and all forms of pornography has yet to be invented. Who knows, maybe that’s where the next noble prize lays.

Pornography on the Internet has affected our society in numerous ways. From the increased controversy it causes to its support in the economy, Internet pornography looks like it’s going to be around for the long run. Whether you’re an avid surfer of porn on the net or an old granny in rejection of its existence, rest assured that it’s not all its cracked up to be. If your worried that things are going to get out of hand don’t just sit around and wait for others to act. Writing letters in support of your opinion to congressman and legislators may prove worthwhile in the long run. For those of you who feel the porn industry couldn’t be doing better, keep your heads up, things could suddenly turn for the worst.
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