The Effects of Online Media on Adolescents

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This world has become immersed in online media from socializing on networking sites to seeking information on search engines. People of all ages have become reliant on online media, but the most engaged users are the younger, more easily impacted generations. Although there are many positive uses for online media, there are many negative uses as well. Unfortunately, it is all too easy for these negative effects to impede upon the perceptions of adolescents. Some countries have been trying to reduce this effect by expelling the inappropriate content of online media ("Influence on Children Media...”). However, in the United States, children are thrown in the waves, expected to stay afloat in this massive sea, but many are being dragged under the surface by the nefarious temptations media creates. Content that is not appropriate for the young, growing minds of children are easily accessible; a myriad of devices may be used to access this material, all at the click of a button. Without adult content filters on online media, adolescents of various ages are exposed to dangerous conceptions. A world of pornography, violence, and public humiliation lay in the user’s fingertips.
There are hundreds of different search engines for people to examine. From toddlers to senior citizens, the world is opened up to them from one site. Most people turn to search engines to look up their wanted information. Just about anything can be found on a search engine. Typing an innocent phrase, such as “funny picture” on Google, can lead to websites and images containing vulgar language, sexual innuendos, and provocative illustrations. In this day and age, it seems that adult content is looming around every corner in an adolescent’s life, creating an almos...

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  • Explains how google can protect your family online — good to know.
  • Explains facebook statistics - statistic brain.
  • States greenberg, pam, "children and the internet." state internet filtering laws. n.p., n.d.
  • Explains that nccev - national center for children exposed to violence, n.d.
  • Explains the negative effects of online media on adolescents, such as pornography, violence, and public humiliation.
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