Essay on Does Being Talented Affect A Child 's Intelligence?

Essay on Does Being Talented Affect A Child 's Intelligence?

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Does Being Musically Talented Affect A Child’s Intelligence?
When people see young children play instruments skillfully, they say, “ That child must be really talented.” But have you ever witnessed or heard someone say, “ That child must be really intelligent” when they see a child who is musically talented? No right? Not many have ever really considered the concept that musical talent could be correlated to human intellect. So does being musically talented affect a child’s intelligence? According to my research, music does have a direct impact on human intellect.

What is Intelligence?
Intelligence is perceived as having the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills. It is also perceived as an estimate of the quality that we attribute to the decision-making and abstract thinking of people around us. In other words, there is no standard definition of intelligence that applies to every individual on the planet. Many psychologists such as Howard Gardner have proposed theories about intelligence and how each type is very distinct from one another. In Howard Gardner’s book the Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligence, St. Augustine, the father of faith, stated:

The prime author and mover of the universe is intelligence. Therefore, the final cause of the universe must be the good of the intelligence and that is the truth. . . . Of all human pursuits, the pursuit of wisdom is the most perfect, the most sublime, the most useful, and the most agreeable. The most perfect, because in so far as a man gives himself up to the pursuit of wisdom, to that extent he enjoys already some portion of true happiness. (6).
This ties in to Gardner’s theory of the eight human intellectual capacities that have their own level of d...

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...rows swiftly for the first five years and at the age of three, the human brain is 90% of its total size. There are critical periods that are susceptible to the progress of the child. The critical period is crucial to the intellectual progress because the neural pathways that are established on synapses are effective and perceived transmission is cultivated. Infants are more likely to form strong relationships with their parents, or whoever takes care of them the most. If their caretakers are passive and do not pay much attention to them which could disturb the process of forming a secure relationship, their ability to form any healthy and stable relationships in the future may be damaged. Critical periods occur for the progress of the child and for learning, the plasticity of the child’s brain enables them to reclaim from important certain events in their childhood.

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