Positive And Cons Of The Theory Of Intelligence

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Intelligence Critique This is an essay about the different theories of intelligence; it will discuss which theory is best at determining intelligence in my opinion. The information provided will help describe the pros and cons of each of the theories being used to define intelligence, explain why is it important to assess children’s intelligence, and discuss the type of intelligence I possess. The different theories of intelligence are complex and understanding the elements of each can help an individual choose the one that they believe is the best for determining intelligence. Comparing the positive and the negative elements of each theory of intelligence will allow an individual to see both sides of the theory and the flaws that may be twisted…show more content…
Verbal Intelligence; Non-verbal Intelligence; Concrete Reasoning; and Abstract Reasoning are several of the mental abilities that have been identified by psychologists (Santrock, 2013). Spearman’s thoughts were that intelligence is general cognitive ability that can be numerically expressed and measured. The pro of using this theory to determine intelligence some abilities and skills actually do have correlation. The con of using this theory to determine intelligence is human abilities being as diverse as they are cannot be lumped together in one g factor.
Howard Gardner the Theory of Multiple Intelligence Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligence focuses more on how numerical expressions of human intelligence are not a full and accurate depiction of people’s abilities (McFarlane, 2011). He includes and describes eight intelligences that are based on skills and abilities that are valued within different cultures. The eight intelligences include visual-spatial (e.g. sailor navigating with no navigational systems), verbal-linguistic (e.g. poets, writers, orators, and communicators), bodily-kinesthetic (e.g. dancers, athletes, surgeons, craftspeople), logical-mathematical (e.g. mathematicians and logicians), interpersonal(e.g. salespeople, teachers, clinicians, politicians, and religious leaders), musical (e.g. musicians and
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The con of using this theory to determine intelligence is that there is no distinction between what intelligence is and what talent is.
Robert Sternberg the Triarchic Theory of Intelligence Sternberg’s theory defines intelligence as mental activity directed towards purposive adaption to, selection and shaping of, real-world environments relevant to one’s life (Santrock, 2013). According to Sternberg intelligence is more than just a single, general ability, he proposed successful intelligence consist of three factors. The three factors include analytical intelligence, creative intelligence, and practical intelligence (Santrock, 2014). The pro of using this theory to determine intelligence is the intelligence if more reliably measured. The con of using this theory in determining intelligence is that there can be an underlying g factor and studies still have to be done to determine whether they can actually predict success (Santrock, 2013).
I believe the best theory for determining intelligence is the Theory of Multiple Intelligence & I believe I possess many different types of