Essay The Doctrine Of The United States

Essay The Doctrine Of The United States

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There have been numerous documents that have impacted the United States of America after 1787, but none have quite changed the trajectory of the nation like the Monroe Doctrine. The Monroe Doctrine was an address to Congress declaring that no European or foreign power could further colonize lands in the Americas. Though President Monroe is credited for the doctrine, it was really his Secretary of State, John Quincy Adams, that was the mastermind behind the document that forever changed American politics. It has been so influential that the doctrine itself has been used as justification for actions by the U.S. all the way into the 21st century. The Monroe Doctrine put the United States not only on the path to becoming a regional power, but becoming the premier world power through the setting of a precedent that national leaders would follow to command their foreign policies.
The Monroe Doctrine was the spark which ignited the beginning of America’s westward expansion. Since the discovery of the New World, European powers have challenged each other for new colonies in the Americas, but the Monroe Doctrine set out to end the threat of foreigners taking over neighboring regions. The document would be used to enhance the power of the US, such as told in The Monroe Doctrine: The Cornerstone of American Foreign Policy, by Edward J. Renehan Jr., when it says,“When Monroe had indicated that the Western Hemisphere was not available for European colonialism, Polk expanded on this to make clear that the U.S. would not allow Europeans to interfere with U.S. territorial ambitions in the same hemisphere” (90). Before the United States could grow and gain more power, it had to ensure that there would be no competitors. The Monroe Doctrine made...

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...n Quincy Adams, once said, “I believe that [the Monroe Doctrine] will wear well through the years, and deliver good service not only to the United States, but to mankind. In crafting something of use in our own time, our immediate moment, we may well have designed a device that will last and be of service through the centuries. I hope so” (Renehan 89). He is most certainly correct, since the western hemisphere as well as much of the world has been protected from incalculable threats by the global power which is the U.S. The Monroe Doctrine paved the way for the United States of America to wield the immensely important power of being the protector of freedom and democracy in a dangerous world, and it is the doctrine that will allow this nation to continue to battle both the militant and ideological threats that are certain to arise in an increasingly unstable world.

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