The Doctrine of Salvation Written by French Arrington, Ph.D Essay

The Doctrine of Salvation Written by French Arrington, Ph.D Essay

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This paper will initially provide an objective look into two author’s works on Salvation. The information is taken from Transforming Power – Dimensions of the Gospel, Part One, The Doctrine of Salvation, written by French Arrington, Ph.D. and Alister E. McGrath’s, Theology The Basics, Chapter Five, Salvation. I will then deliver a subjective review of my personal thoughts on both and then culminate with my opinion as to which one provided the most impactful argument. I will first look at Arrington’s work.
The Doctrine of Salvation
Arrington bases his work on the following summary, “Salvation begins with God’s call, accepted by repentance and faith. It reaches its goal in glorification. The entire process is according to God’s plan. When the outcome is glorification, it cannot be traced ultimately to human merit, but only to God’s saving grace, manifested through the Cross” (85).
In his introduction, Arrington reviews the Biblical doctrine of salvation and how that it is the heart of the Christian faith. He asserts that the significance of Soteriology is to show all that God has done to set us free from the bondage of sin and guilt in order to bring us to the glorious condition of blessedness that Christians enter when Christ returns from heaven (21). In the New Testament, Arrington states that the words save and salvation have a wide range of meanings. Those meanings include strong physical components in that faith in Jesus saves and that salvation offers options such as deliverance from enemies and bodily health but it is predominately used in the New Testament as delivering us from sin. His focus is on how God used Christ and his death at Calvary and that the writers of the gospels utilize narratives on the P...

... middle of paper ... ideology of Christ and how he was the only one that could fill the need for the perfect sacrifice. Again, Christ fulfills the prophecy of the Old Testament perfectly. One of the main points I liked from McGrath was his thought on Christ and His giving and making sense to the Christian way of living. It made me reflect on what the world must have been like in His day and how this Man above all men, walked the walk and talked the talk being the ultimate example of WWJD. Then, He gave His life on the cross as the ultimate sacrifice.
This thought along with McGrath’s writing being much more concise and to the point makes me select it as my favorite.

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