Do Video Games have a Negative Impact on Children Essay

Do Video Games have a Negative Impact on Children Essay

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In the world today, video games are a big part of almost more than half of America’s children. But some people like to believe that video games are a danger to their children and blame the violence in the world today among children on video games. But is that really the answer, blaming “violent” video games? Parents should be more involved in what their children interact with. However, it is highly doubtful when the creators of video games don’t force anyone to purchase their games; but only advertise and spread the word about their game. Also, creators make these games for a virtual world to play in and experience as if the player is really there. Now if a child makes something real out of what is not than that is proof that the child should not be playing games and should get one on one advice from their parents or even a doctor. Although, a huge percentage of Americans believe violence among children is to blame on violent video games it should not prevent them from letting their children decide what they want to play with because not all children come out as violent but maybe just the ones who are already aggressively violent at home or school because of their own personal problems.
Throughout the essay several writers studied the subject video game violence and what may and may not be the reason for violence among children who play video games.
In “Do video games kill?” Karen Sternheimer basically states her opinion on the video games and the violence. Sterneheimer states: “Across the country, the press attributed much of the blame to video games specifically, and to Hollywood more generally.” (Pg.14) Sternheimer is basically saying because Hollywood lives off violence to bring to their viewers everywhere, they are the one...

... middle of paper ...

...t and refuse to accept it.
With all the opinions of the writers it is very well known that yes games may have a negative outcome on some children but that is up to the parent to stop anything serious from happening. And while others it’s just all fun and games and they make take it seriously because it’s about quickness and being very observant of what is going on in the game. As long as the child realizes the game is just a game and nothing more, then the only harm being done should be in the game itself.

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