Influence Of Media On Delinquency

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Influences of Music, Television, and Video Games have on Delinquency Social scientists have analyzed the factors that affect juvenile delinquency. Single parenting, violence in media, unfair social structure, poverty, and the lack parental guidance and discipline are factors of juvenile delinquency. Each of the factors plays a part in delinquency, but mass media has the starting part being the role that molds the dispositions that leads to juvenile crime. Our everyday lives are immersed with internet activity, television, radio, music, books, and video games. We are moving toward a world of mass media environment. Media in general has a powerful impact on whoever wants to truly define and understand the message that is being delivered.…show more content…
Parents need to know when their child is exposed to media parent involvement that includes positive guidance on appropriate use of all media that includes internet, music, television, and video games. All media has the possibility to develop positive and negative effects on children and adolescents. Depending on the child’s developmental stage determines if the effect will be

THE NEGATIVE IMPACT TODAY’S MEDIA HAVE ON DELINQUENCY 4 positive or negative. Not all media is bad, but when it’s not used in the right age bracket it can have negative
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A teen who views these movies frequently is five times more likely to start drinking at a young age than a teen who does not view this material” (Media Influences on Juvenile Delinquency. (n.d.). The advertising industry invests about 1.7 billion dollars to lure in customers. Majority of the shows and commercial are viewed by the teen population. The television and movie industry is a mainstream to entice teens to a lot of unhealthy exposure. Not only does this industry promote underage drinking, but is also promotes the use of illegal drugs. “A teen who views this content is six times more likely to try a drug than a teen who is not exposed to this media. This drug use can also spark violence” (Media Influences of Juvenile Delinquency (n.d.). Music is can be a very complicated and delightful at the same time. Music affects our bodies in several ways when engaging with it. The complicated and delightful apparatus we call music affect people physically, psychologically, and is great with healing emotional affliction, strengthens emotions, and is known to cure illness. Music also plays an influential role in the socialization of teenagers. Mainstream music is available practically everywhere. It is conveniently accessible over the internet, radio, individual recordings and other forms of technology