Essay about The Divorce Process Of A Divorce

Essay about The Divorce Process Of A Divorce

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Divorce that dreaded word that no married couple wants to hear. Its an issue that no one personally wants to experience first-hand. It can be a difficult or a smooth process depending on the mindset of both parties. It can be time consuming, expensive, stressful and can certainly get ugly. When a married couple is going through a divorce and there are no children it can be a great thing because the only ones that face the effects are the couple. However, when children are a part of the divorce process it can take a big toll on them and for the worst. Some couples think about their children and unfortunately others do not. There are certainly two sides to the issue and everyone has their own view, both expertise wise and personal.
This topic hits close to home for me because I was one of those very young children that had to face my parents getting a divorce. I was just about 3 years old and although I have such vague memories of the process, I can certainly say that I had a rough childhood. My parents never had a healthy relationship after leaving each other, so it was very hard in terms of communication. My siblings and I eventually split up, my younger brother and older sister both left with my mom, and I remained with my dad. I never got to see them very much till after I was in elementary school when they intentionally put us all together in the same school. It was then were I was able to see them on a daily basis, including my mom. I faced the effects and issues that would come out of this separation up until I graduated high school. I am now 21 years old, and can personally say that it does get better when you grow up because now you make your own decisions and have more freedom of speech. Parents remain there for the rest ...

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... things out, the best bet is to divorce because they are only hurting themselves. There are therapies, counseling, in between other things but when it just does not work out all hope is lost, especially when the love is gone. As a person that unfortunately had to deal with a parents separation, I can say with first-hand experience that you will suffer there is no doubt about that. Things will change, some for good and some for worse, but in the end sometimes it’s the best option for everyone involved. Things will never be the same because some events won’t be together as a family and such, but in time things get better. Till the date I have never known an exact reason why my parents split but I just know that they must have had their reasons. Just like they say “older you get, the more you understand”, and all in its time things slowly start to fall back into place.

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