The Negative Effects of Divorce Rates in United States

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There are many reasons why anyone would want to get married. A good marriage is one that consists of love, understanding, and proper communication. "...Till death do us apart," such a sweet phrase to hear right? But does anyone really take that phrase in a serious matter? There are several reasons that cause people to divorce and this result affects the children. In the U.S., is it common that we see many married people end their relationship with a divorce and most of them are young people. The divorce rates still at a high rate that in the Unites States statistics show, one out of two marriages end in divorce. The current divorce rate may be decreasing however at the same time many people are not getting married so therefore the divorce rates remains low. When people get married and divorce so easily it causes many not to take marriage as something serious. Divorce is something that has been discussed and studied many times, as it is becoming more common in the United States. The children are the main ones being effected by the split relationship, however the amount of impact of the effects are based on many variables. I became interested in this subject because my best friends parents recently filed for divorce and I wanted to understand in what ways was this going to affect him in his life now and in the future. Should a couple remain married for the children? The least they could do is to think about how it will affect them. It may be easy for the couple to move on but for most children they never will. They will have a hard time getting over the loss of their family and their lives will be changed forever. When parents separate this brings problems in the relationship with the children, and themselves. Divorce can ha... ... middle of paper ... ...." Which is why it is important that both people in the relationship work together to get through the tough times. When you commit to someone you have to be with them through the good and bad times, one shouldn’t just be there only during the good times. Sharing your life with someone is a new and exciting chapter in your life and hopefully the couple will remain supporting and encouraging each other. For those who are heading in the direction of a divorce should take a lot of time to think over things before getting a divorced. A divorce can seriously effect many in negative ways that will change their lives forever. So therefore, divorce should be thought about twice before any one decides to go through it. If a marriage is having any problems its best for them to talk it out or seek some professional help to deal with the problems before it destroys the marriage.
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