Divorce Is The Most Important Goal? Essay

Divorce Is The Most Important Goal? Essay

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Marriage is one of the most important goal in people life, create a family, have kids, live together ever after. Find the right person isn 't easy, we can spend most of our life looking for our soulmate, Dreaming with a fairy tale with the “one” and get married.
That 's basically my history and the story of many men and women in this world. Sadly the continue with the marriage is uncertain.
Last studies show a incrementation of divorces on the last ten years. According with the statistics in US, 45% to 50% of the first marriage and the 60% to 70% of the second marriage end on divorce. University of Northern,Il. School of education, Divorce.
Causes can be many, a lot of factors can influence: Lack of communication, Infidelity, Abuse…the list is endless.
Effects of divorce is devastating for all the implicates on this complicate situation specially for kids. As a daughter of divorced couple and as a divorce woman I can say divorce is the most painful episode on life for all the components of the family, each one take the situation in different ways, for men and woman can be different, that 's depends on who want the divorce. On both side, divorce is associated with failure which pushes to us to rethink about our life.For little kids deal with divorce can be a little more easy than teenagers. At that difficult age all the devastating event doesn 't help to deal and assimilate the all picture.
Emotional consequences are a lot for every family member, financial difficulties can incremented even more than before which all are affected. The consequences usually last longer until the divorce proses end Lack of communication is one of the common causes of divorce, communication is crucial when a relationship is not doing well, whatever t...

... middle of paper ...

... are extreme reactions on them. Communication, love and support from they parent and family are essential to endure that episode.
When people get married, they have the most high expectations. Sadly time and circumstances change our primary decision to live together for ever more surrounding by our family united in good or bad. Finally the reasons are many and irreconcilables, after try to fix it we get hopeless and we have no other choice than divorce. The shock involved the internalization proses sister a long way… Finally as human we cope survive, we continued with faith, determination and the most important component that is unconditional love. We are no longer the same people who married, We will never be the same. Life moves forward toward new goals, is a new journey.
Divorce is a big test of straight in all of us, that circumstance show as who we really are.

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