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According to Kids Health by Nemours, “About 1 out of every 2 or 3 marriages ends in divorce” (Lyness n. pag.). To most of the world, divorce is hideous, and many end badly. It can be even worse when a child or children are involved. The parents may fight over children, property, objects inside and outside of the home, etc. The parents have to agree upon a schedule as to who gets the child/children what day, what time, and for how long. Often times kids get put into the middle of it when it is not their fault in the first place. Divorce can be a very sad deal. I hate it for anyone who has to go through it or be involved in it. Divorce obviously does not only happen between parents. It can happen to anyone who is married, but parents divorcing has had more significance in my life, because I was involved in my parents divorce and it has changed my life forever.
Many times, divorce without children is less messy. I think the reason some parents stay together is for the sake of the kids. I know how divorce affected my dad when his parents got a divorce. It seemed to affect him mentally and emotionally even though I truly believe it played a part in my parents getting a divorce. Luckily, my parents’ divorce was not that bad. The divorce was final when I was in the fifth grade. It did not change much for me because my parents separated when I was in the second grade. Both my dad and my mom remained calm about it, at least in front of my sister and me. My parents marriage ended legally, but it did not end my family or their friendship.
The simple definition of divorce is, “the ending of a marriage by a legal process.” (Divorce n. pag.) The court requires there to be a “legal reason” to get a divorce. The court also looks at other issue...

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...ho is close to me knows how close my family is. Most will tell my situation is weird, but it is almost like my parents are not divorced.
Divorce is usually always sad. It does not contradict what I said earlier, just because my parents divorce was not all that messy, does not mean I am not sad about it. I am saying that the world stereotypes divorce by thinking every divorce ends terribly. It does appear that when children are involved the divorce is more messy, because now there is more than just objects to fight over. Most of the time kids get put in the middle of their parents fighting. Parents should always try to never do this. It usually makes the children feel as if the reason they are divorcing is their fault. I hate it for any child that has to go through a divorce, whether if the divorce is messy or not. Divorce truly does change a person 's life forever.

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