The Difficult Decision for the United States to Enter World War Two Essay

The Difficult Decision for the United States to Enter World War Two Essay

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Entering the war was a tough decision for political leaders during the 1930s. There were many different opinions from a variety of people. Many americans didn’t want to join the war because of what happened during World War One. Many Americans lost loved ones, during World War One and did not want to go through losing more family members again. Also there was a various amount of people saying that the war did not connect with them. Since the war was happening in Europe, the American people could not hear what was going on in Europe since technology was not as advanced as it is now. Also many young men did not want to join the war because they knew it would be them fighting in Europe (Angry). As all these reason are valid, but they all changed on December 7, 1941, the day that will live in infamy. When Pearl Harbor got bombed the opinions changed about going into the war. The feelings about entering the war was not to join at first, but with the influence of other people and also when Japan bombed America it all changed.
As the many of the Americans wanted not to get involved in the war. There were some that wanted to get involved and stop the Axis Powers. President Roosevelt knew it was inevitable to join the war. The President had to convince Congress that America should join the effort to help stop Germany. President Roosevelt had his work cut out for him because the majority of Congress were isolationists. They wanted to not get involved and just have the war be in Europe. The President did not want Germany or Japan to have a world power and control of Europe. Also the President knew that Hitler couldn’t be trusted because time after time Hitler proved that he was a liar. When he promised Great Britain and America that he ...

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... he changed schools multiple times he is not use to have a stable life. Holden’s insecurity with not having a stable life, relates to the isolationist that just wanted to stay out of the war and have a stable life with their families. Holden and the isolationist have multiple things in common on what they think in their heads.
In the beginning, the vast majority of Americans did not want to enter the war thinking that it was not a wise choice. Many of them were still trying to recover from Word War One, with the lost of their family members and not being stable financially. Throughout the world they were dealing with a Depression as well and Americans just wanted to recover from World War One. These people wanted to be isolated from the problems in Europe, just like Holden who wants to be isolated from the world and wants stability just like the Americans did.

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