Essay On Holden Caulfield Fit Into Society

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Rodrigo Rivera English May 2014 Why can’t Holden fit into society? A human society is often described as a group of people involved in persistent personal relationships, or as a large social grouping sharing the same geographical or social territory. People tend to believe that doing what everyone else does, is the only correct path for life. If someone dares to break the pattern, does what he wants, or wears different clothes from what everybody else wear, he would frequently be seen as a strange or weird person. This is not it, every little thing someone does that differs from what it is “normal”, is seen as bad or bizarre. Holden Caulfield, of “Catcher in the Rye” is a character who stands out from common people. Holden doesn’t believe that he needs to follow what everyone else does. Contrary to that, Holden does what he wants and acts how he likes. By acting like this, Holden is not considered as a normal teenager, but as a unique one. Caulfield has often trouble fitting in society. Holden won’t fit into society because he doesn’t want to be a part of it. Hints displaying Holden not wanting to be part of society are his constant failing at school, his powerful revulsion for “phony” qualities, and his distancing himself from people. Holden Caulfield is a very intelligent teenager, but doesn’t apply himself to school. Holden dropped out of four schools, one of them being Pencey Preparatory School. Holden did not fail out because he wasn’t smart enough. Holden is smart. He constantly reads books, but could not pass anything other than English. In fact, one of his favorite teachers at Whooton, Mr. Antolini, told Holden, “You’re a student- whether the idea appeals to you or not. You’re in love with knowledge…” (pg. 189) He fail... ... middle of paper ... ...orld. Holden distanced himself by wearing this hat. Holden doesn’t want to be a part of the society and created this symbol to isolate from it. Throughout the novel, Holden leaves hints insinuating that he is distancing himself from people and society through his actions and decisions. Holden shows his hate towards the adult world by mentioning “phoniness” throughout the book, insinuating that he will never be like this, even though it’s impossible. His constant failing at school evidences that he isn’t planning to have a common future by having a job like most people would. It was evidently explained that Holden doesn’t fit in because he doesn’t want to be part of humans’ corrupted society. Regardless of how one feels about society, it is evident that its flaws made a teenager retract from accepting humans’ adult world, and instead negated to be a part of it.
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