Essay on The Different Types Of Leaders

Essay on The Different Types Of Leaders

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Knowing the different types of temperaments that people can have helps to know the behaviors that they may assume when in situations. When put in different situations people will respond in different manners. Like in war, some people freeze from fear while others act. According to the X-Y theory there are two types of leaders. The theory X leader takes responsibility of most of the work and doesn’t delegate, they struggle when it comes to empowering the people who work under them, and they take marching orders from the top of the chain of command. The theory Y leader is the exact opposite; they give independence, empower, and delegate responsibilities to the people who work under them. Knowing someone’s temperament is helpful in being knowledgeable of what type of leader they are or could be.

Many different careers can use different types of leaders. Doctors need to be able to take charge of the situation and delegate different tasks to nurses and other medical personnel (Y theory). In office settings an X theory leader would micromanage everything that they would have their staff do, and if they disagree with the outcome they would make changes. Teachers can be both X and Y leaders, they give their students someone to look up to but also take directions from their higher-ups. In a sales setting, a Y theory leader is the best temperament; they set the example and train the sales department under them so they know what to do, but then they cut them loose so the staff can achieve goals on their own. A Y leader keeps themselves accessible as a resource that the staff can tap.

During the summers I watch my two nieces and nephew. I give them chores to do, but instead of sitting around and having them do all the work I would help t...

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...dling control he had over them. They admired him as a friend who could get them out of a hard spot, not as a leader. His crew cared more for themselves than what was at risk in the war - they became an ineffective team for the mission at hand.
Davenport did treat his men as friends, but because of this they all lacked discipline. With that lack of discipline, his men lost sight of their responsibilities. This ultimately led to their failures in the air.
I like how you stated Savage giving the responsibilities back to the men! He definitely gave them the ability to see how their judgements and actions affected everyone.
Davenport lacked the confidence in his men because he was on too personal of a level with them. Instead of giving them responsibilities and leadership inside their group, he gave little-to-no discipline and constantly made excuses for failed missions.

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