Different Types Of Culture For An Example Germany And Netherlands Essay

Different Types Of Culture For An Example Germany And Netherlands Essay

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What is devotion? Is the dictionary definition the correct definition to explain everything? The Merriam Webster dictionary states the definition that is well known to be, “a feeling of strong love or loyalty: the quality of being devoted: the use of time, money, energy, etc., for a particular purpose”. It also gives many examples of devotions like, “how devotion can be seen in prayer, worship, or other religious activities that are done in private rather than in a religious service”. Nevertheless devotion is not seen differently from time to time it is seen different through many countries. Whether it is shown through religion, or is shown through commitment to a significant other it all is symbolic to devotion.
Despite the ways devotion can be presented and seem by many different types of culture for an example Germany and Netherlands, they view is as far as the 1320s starting with the vast changing in the religion and quickly making changes to the perspective that characterizes the role of being devoted. Netherland and Germany view it more of a worshipping style as if being devoted to a religion. Being devoted to a sign of religion can show the courage, swiftly right after the spiritual reform movement in 1370s the vast spread of religious views and practices. “Modern Devotion should rather be seen as a movement that tried to bring religious communities closer to lay people, and simultaneously strove to give the life of ordinary believers a monastic touch. In the earlier parts of life the world always saw devotion as a way to start spreading the religious views in Germany and the Netherlands”. Neanderthals were not the only people in our society to spread religion to create an influenced world. In the vast updates with societ...

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... true definition could mean. “Devotion is loyalty to a promise, vow, person or mission. It means you are consistently trustworthy and loyal. You are willing to sacrifice to uphold your commitment. It means staying the course, even if the challenges are great, and even if you find your energy and will weakening”.
Whether it is shown through religion, or is shown through commitment to a significant other, it all is symbolic to devotion. “True love is not a strong, fiery, impetuous passion. It is, on the contrary, an element calm and deep. It looks beyond mere externals, and is attracted by qualities alone. It is wise and discriminating, and its devotion is real and abiding”. Everything can be shown through devotion with enough belief. Knowing devotion is vague and it has a definition upon itself finding the true meaning behind all the flaws because the true meaning.

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