Pre 1900 Poetry

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Pre 1900 Poetry

Love poems are one of peoples all time favourites. They are read to

people of all ages with an enclosed message behind them. However,

there is a difference in love as one is pure love rather than the

lust. This is the same in poems. The messages behind them can be based

on love and affection but on the other hand can be based on lust and

betrayal. Recently I have studied two well known poets' works. These

are the work of the stunning Shakespeare and the magnificent Andrew


These are indeed both love poems however, they are contrasted as they

have different meanings to them, one being love, and one being pure

lust. To his Coy Mistress is a pure lust one even though in parts may

make us think that he is in fact in love with this woman, however

Sonnet 130 is a love poem. This makes the poems have different content

as well as the language used.

To His Coy Mistress is split into three parts. Each part has its own

significant purpose. Part one is about time being of the essence.

Andrew Marvel starts the poem with 'had we but world enough, and time'

then goes on to say what they could have done for instance he says 'we

would sit down' therefore he is saying that they could if only they

had a bit more time.

Not only that but Andrew exaggerates by saying 'walk and pass our long

love's day', as this would be impossible as you wouldn't just spend

all day walking around doing nothing. Later on in the first part he is

also trying to convince himself that he loves her by saying 'I would

love you ten years', therefore he doesn't say I will which would be

positive and mean he does now, instead he says would which means over

time he'd learn to love her.

On the other hand she is shy. We know this firstly from the title

including 'coy' but also it says 'and you should, if you please,
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