Religious Religions: An Elements Of Religious Traditions

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Elements of Religious Traditions Religion is perhaps one of the universe’s biggest mysteries. Is there some divine being or spiritual being guiding our lives? Religion is an understanding that there is something greater that guides and protects us. In today’s society, there are many different religions and they all practice and worship in different ways. Each religion presents diverse religious traditions, rituals and even beliefs. In other words, religion means something different to different people. Divinity is the personification of force, being or realm that is unspoken by religious people to be at the spirit of existence and to have an altering influence on their lives and destinies (Encyclopedia Brittanica, 2008). To have a relationship with the divine, is to understand who or what is sacred. A person’s relationship with the divine is contingent on many methods or even actions that have taken place in their lives journey. When a person witnesses a miracle or an unexplainable event, for example, a person is scheduled to catch a flight and something happens and they miss the flight and have to catch a later flight, and that plane crashes. Is it considered luck or divine intervention? Most would say it is a little of both. But those that consider themselves as having religious beliefs, would say that divine intervention was mainly accountable for reason or result. Having faith or religious beliefs makes having a relationship with the divine conceivable. Believe it or not, nearly every day of the year is a sacred time for someone, somewhere around the world. Sacred time is how the religion is perceived. Some religions fast or feast during their sacred time, while others may embrace special worship services and reg... ... middle of paper ... ... talk to me about Jehovah, which is hard since I have known Christ my whole entire life, but it does not hurt to listen and learn something new. Some critical issues in the study of religion may be the issue of trying to prove to non-believers there really is a higher power. It would be like trying to prove faith versus truth, but what is truth? In conclusion, religious beliefs and practices come in many customs and methods; however no matter what or who you decide to worship, it all inspires a connection or association with the divine. The divine can be a person, a space or place, an object as well as any part of nature. Not only does religious beliefs stimulate a relationship with the divine, it also promotes a connection with sacred time, an association with sacred space and the natural world and more importantly it encourages a relationship with each other.
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