The Differences Between Generation Xers And Generation Nexters On Uses And Perceptions Of The Internet And Social Network Sites

The Differences Between Generation Xers And Generation Nexters On Uses And Perceptions Of The Internet And Social Network Sites

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The comparison between Generation Xers and Generation Nexters in uses and perceptions of the Internet and Social Network Sites in modern world

1. Introduction

Generation Xers and Nexters are shared many similarity and differences in using Internet and social network sites. In this research paper we will discover the background of Xers and Nexters, Social Media and Internet impacts, advantages and disadvantages of social media, differences use of Internet and Social Media and the future trend.

2. Background of Xers and Nexters

Generation X
 Born: 1966-1976

 Age in 2015: 39 to 49
Current Population: 41 million (Generation xyz)
Xers or Generation X is recognizing from the early 1960s to the early 1980s. Generation X has been witness to, participants in, and the result of, a great deal of change within American society. Xers grew up during the era of the Pill and legalized abortion, liberalized divorce, and the influx of women into the labor force. Further, they came of age during a period of increasing diversity and the blurring of gender roles. (Understanding Generation X in the United States) Xers are very technologically savvy, having experienced the integration of personal computers into the school systems, the advent of home computing and the growth of interactive media. (Understanding Generation X in the United States)

Generation Y, Nexters

Born: 1977-1994
Age in 2015: 21 to 38

Current Population: 71 million (Generation xyz)
Nexters or Generation Y is recognizing as the generation in which has grown up with a majority of the technological advances, such as computers and the Internet. This Generation has established relationships with technology and strongly understands its various uses. This generation ...

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...d more Social Media and much more creative in sense of innovation. The Generation Nexters used Social Media as a gateway to reach out to the world and more careless about failing.

6. Future Trend

In the future I predict the Social Media and Internet will create a big gap between the Generation X and Generation Y Nexters the reason being is that the Nexters replaced by the New Generation of even higher understanding of technology and create much higher innovative equipment & products. This phenomenon will push Generation X out of the table due to the lack of technological knowledge, only Generation Y Nexter would able to adapt to the future technological innovation. The reason being Generation Y Nexter grew up Internet and Social Media. They already master the use of current technology so it easier for they to adapt to the future trend of Social Media and Internet.

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