The Evolution Of Millennials And The Generation After Generation

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As time passes we begin to see the world change in many ways. Generation after generation the world begins to process what new knowledge we have learned and what each generation is known for making it better than the last generation. What’s interesting to find out is that millennials are next to show what they have to offer to this world. Generation Y, often referred to as millennials, were people who were born between 1979 and 1994. They roughly make up 25 percent of the population. This generation was the first to grow up connected online. Generation X “our parents” are growing more concerned by each day passing as to how the millennials will reshape the culture of our institution. “Most Millennials see themselves as conscientious with their money, making educated purchases and shunning excess” (TNW). Millennials all there life, have…show more content…
Social media has been around for a while now and every day it’s changing to help you accomplish your task at hand. Social media has played a huge roll in this generation by influencing them to become Alpha Influencers. “Alpha-influencers are known to shape the behavior and purchasing decisions of their larger social circles. We learned that Millennials are 44% more likely to volunteer if a supervisor does, but 65% more likely if other co-workers participate. Millennial employees are 27% more likely to donate to a cause if their manager does, but 46% more likely to donate if a co-worker asks them to” (case). Millennials have begun to show much affection towards certain social media sites like Facebook or twitter. Growing up always connected online with social media made the millennials more self-concise about what others think about them. Tablets, smartphones, and laptops have given them access to the internet whenever they want it thus making them pros at

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