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Dictatorship and Dictators Essay

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A revolution has begun by the people in the Middle East against their long time dictators. The domino effect began first with Tunisia then Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen, and Libya. Thousands of protestors were gathered on the streets with posters, shouting for change and democracy. Why would there be protests unless the people are unsatisfied with the way the country is governed. Why would they go against their dictator unless they feel they have no rights and that they have no voice. Unlimited power should never be given to one person; the chances of corruption are very high because power can change even the most virtuous individual. That is why the path of a dictatorial country is a path of strife, oppression and economical downfall. Dictatorship should no longer be acknowledged as a form of government and should be completely eradicated in any country under its rule.
What is a dictatorship and how is it set up? Well, a dictatorship is what we call a government ruled by one commander with unlimited power. The term dictatorship was used considerably since the ancient times and it was derived from the word dictate. Dictate means to command or to give orders. Dictator is a term that describes a ruler with unlimited power and authority. Dictatorship is set up in a way that there is only one person at the top making the decisions and the ones at the bottom following them. Every country has laws that the government is bound by an example would be the U.S constitution. When a dictator comes into power most often they try to change these laws to benefit themselves such as gain more power and at times remove any opposition. The greatest weapon that is used by the dictators to control and establish order is fear. Though dictatorship might result...

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