Essay on Developing a Winning Strategy at Bayer MaterialScience NA

Essay on Developing a Winning Strategy at Bayer MaterialScience NA

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The science of business is to develop a strategy that affords a firm the best possible outcome with respect to the return on investment (ROI). Where abnormal returns are recognized the competitive landscape of an industry grows. The prevailing thought is competition drives consumer benefit. The consumer benefits because competition will lower pricing and improve offerings. As firm’s attempt to climb the mountain of market leadership they often discover the ability to remain on top can be short lived. In this age of hyper competitive markets a firm’s ability to sustain a competitive advantage is reliant on executing a strategy that creates a series of advantages over time (Wiggins & Ruefli, 2005).
Advantages over time can be accomplished using strategies that attack a market or competitor on multiple fronts. One of those fronts consists of a business’s operational structure. Structuring a business’s integration-response framework will assist with meeting business objectives. Different frameworks better facilitate certain objectives. Determining the optimal framework requires a business to understand their strategic objectives. As businesses grow and evolved so must their structural framework. This requires a business to continuously evaluate and refine their strategy. During the process of refining the strategy a business may recognize the need to change their structure in order to facilitate better more effective outcomes.
Bayer MaterialScience (BMS) North America (NA) strategic motto is “taking aim at new markets”. This motto is further translated into their goal of long term profitable growth ("Bayer materialscience corporate," 2014). This goal of long term profitable growth was put to the te...

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