Case Study Of Differentiation Strategy Of Harley Davidson

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According to the Harley Davidson case study, the author has mentioned Harley Davidson uses the differentiation strategy: focus strategy for their business level strategy. This is, the focus strategy is an integrated set of actions taken to produce goods or services that serve the needs of a particular competition segment. Thus, by using the focus strategy for their business level strategy, it can help Harley Davidson to build strong brand recognition for their products. Harley Davidson believes that they understand the dynamics of their market and the unique needs of customers within it very well. Since they serve their customers in their market uniquely well, they tend to build strong brand loyalty amongst their customers. As a result, they …show more content…

The three alternative strategies are: cooperative strategy: strategy alliance (focus on joint venture), international strategy: transnational strategy, and differentiation strategy: integration cost leadership and differentiation strategy. After we have finished on doing those three alternative strategies’ evaluation and selection, we agreed on using the differentiation strategy: integrated cost leadership and differentiation strategy (hybrid strategy) as the strategic alternative for Harley Davidson. In the next couple paragraphs we are going to discuss in detail how to implement the integrated cost leadership and differentiation strategy and action planning for Harley Davidson. The integrated cost leadership strategy and differentiation strategy is the business level strategy that most of managerial people consider as the hybrid strategy ( The hybrid strategy has become the most important and successful strategy that attracted many organizations to choose and implement this particular strategy. As global competition keeps on increases, it is crucial for each organization starts to think about building its own economic of scale, lower production costs while developing on its innovative products or services for …show more content…

For instance, Harley Davidson may be forced to change their marketing strategy due to the entrance of a new competitor into the market. Second, Harley Davidson has to learn new skills and technologies quickly. For example, technologies are changing rapidly, so it is crucial for Harley Davidson’s business plan to change or alter in order to keep up with innovation. Third, this organization has to effectively leverage its core competencies while competing with its competitors. This is, Flexibility is required for Harley Davidson to learn how to use primary value-chain activities and support functions in the way that allow the organization to produce their products at a lower cost with differentiated features compare to their competitors in the market

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that harley davidson uses the differentiation strategy: focus strategy for their business level strategy.
  • Explains that the group suggested three alternative strategies to harley davidson that fit their organization's structure better than the focus strategy.
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