Essay on Developing A Strong Operations Management Team

Essay on Developing A Strong Operations Management Team

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A business needs to develop a strong operations management team to survive in modern times. A business must have an operations management team set up so that the employees can perform effectively. Communication between management and employees can affect the behavior and relations among employees within the business. An effective manager understands that organization structure and performance to achieve revenue success is built on human relations and effective business behavior that will drive the business in a competitive market. In today 's technology age, operations management is the area concerned with the efficiency and effectiveness of the operation in support and development of the firm 's strategic goals. Other areas of concern to operations management include the design and operations of systems to provide goods and services (Operations management, n.d.). The management team of company must look at all kinds of scenarios of the operation to maximize the profit by reducing the cost of labor and materials.
The company’s success of an organization is solely relied on by the goals of the management team. Some businesses develop tangible goods such as a product whereas others use intangible services to reach revenue goals. A company must have a standard of quality to bring in new customers for their goods and services. The supply and demand of the good or service as well as the quality of the product can affect an organization’s capital either in a positive or negative way.
At the center of all organization’s successes lay the ability of the management team to effectively and efficiently manage the day to day operations to produce a quality product for the lowest cost possible, this is the most important part of the operation...

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...ct quality.
In today 's business environment, the operations department becomes a positive factor when facilities, equipment, and employee training are viewed as a means to achieve organizational objectives, rather than as narrowly focused departmental objectives (Operation Management by, n.d.). The operations management varies from the service sector to the manufacturing one since customer service plays a huge role in the longevity of the business operations. Manufacturing must make the best product with cost efficiency a main concern on production. The service sector needs repeat customers and good customer reviews to expand their customer base. Both may have different ways of reaching the end goal however the success of both is crucial since most businesses can’t survive without the ability to offer products that provide a good return on their investment.

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