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Using nonverbal communication during deception can be seen through body language like hand gestures, facial expressions, and eye contact. Research remains inconclusive as to whether or not one can restrain facial expressions to deceive. "The results derived from micro momentary coding revealed that facial actions can be reduced, but not eliminated, and that instructions to suppress on element of the expression resulted in reduction in all facial movement, regardless of veracity." (Hurley, Frank, 2011, p. 1).

Detecting Deception In Nonverbal Communication Through The Observation of Hand Gestures, Facial Expressions, and Eye Contact
Nonverbal communication is a constantly used form of communication for all. Most people are aware that we use nonverbal communication every day during our communication. "It is not an artificial technique to be acquired, to be used only by flowery orators" (Makodia 2009, p. 32). What people probably think of first when one says nonverbal communication, is sign language. However, this paper will cover the specific topic of detecting deceptive behaviors through monitoring body language such as facial expressions, hand gestures, and eye contact.
No one wants to be fooled, but research shows that some cultures peoples may be more susceptible to deceit than others. According to Maurice E. Schweitzer, there are three reasons why lies so often succeed. He says the first is that we are too trusting. "North Americans are very trusting. We believe much of what we're told, and we typically enter relationships with strangers with an inclination to believe them until we have reason to distrust them (Schweitzer, 2007 p. 1). He says that the second reason is that we're overconfide...

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