The Desire For Education : An American Dream Essay

The Desire For Education : An American Dream Essay

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The Desire for Education

Going to college has become an American dream. The desire to gain an education, in order to live a fulfilled life, leads to working a dream job and having the house on the corner with the white picket fence. However, achieving the American dream of obtaining a college degree is not as easy as one may think. To live the American dream students need to have a deep desire to learn and educate themselves to become more thoroughly educated and knowledgeable. Both Russel Baker’s essay “School vs. Education” and Mary Sherry’s’ essay “In Praise of the F Word” have agreed with points in the fact that education begins earlier in life. But when does education begin? The first easy lessons in life begin from learning how to roll, crawl, walk, and talk. I remember when I was about three years old and learned how to ride my first bike with training wheels. Although I didn’t learn overnight, after much practice, I became a pro. We are born to learn. However, active parenting, a supportive community, a robust economy, and prepared teachers impact the process of education and the importance of learning.
“From watching his parents, a child, in many cases, will already know how to smoke, how much soda to mix with whisky, what kind of language to use when angry, and how to violate the speed laws without getting caught.” (Baker 225) The first six years of a child’s life is when he/she absorbs the most information. With this information, parents contribute to the way the children’s education begins and continues throughout the school years. Parents who hold strict rules and are supportive with their child’s education may result with the child focusing and working hard in school to succeed. Active parents include those who teac...

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...e major inner cities throughout America, students will receive a high school diploma that is not credited simply because the test scores for the school were too low for the school to be creditable. There are times in life when I wonder why funds are always cut or just so small for our schools when education is an important key to success.
Receiving a college degree, owning a home with a white picket fence, and working a dream job has become an American dream. It is a shame that education is not a top trending topic in the social society when the key to achieving the American dream is education. In order to reach this achievement children need to have a desire for education. Its taken more than one person to make a difference. Education begins when one’s mind is eager and ready to learn. As Baker and Sherry both state, the younger the desire for education the better.

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