Designing A Company 's Organizational Goals Essay

Designing A Company 's Organizational Goals Essay

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Most of the human beings are goal driven towards their success and there are many ways to achieve one’s goals. A person can either be self-driven towards a goal or be pushed by a system towards it. Many companies change their system by doing job redesigns and there are a lot of factors to include in the job redesigning process. A company’s system is based on the company’s organizational goals and the organizational behaviour. HIS (Health Information Services) is aware that work at department level is the final results which a department achieves at the end of every month and the work at employee level is to finish the tasks that are assigned by the head of the departments every month. There are four stages to achieve organizational goals. They are re-engineering, restructuring, work redesign and job redesign. Re-engineering is to change the view of the organizational views such as policies, mission and structure. Restructuring is to strengthen the procedures adopted by the employees. Work redesign is to reformat the work in the simplest manner as possible and job redesign is to modify a job accordingly. Coming to the question about the principles of goal setting, in HIS Department, the goal setting is applied by making sure that the employees are aware of the company’s goals. If all the employees in an organization are aware of the company’s goals and future achievements, the company can grow into a rapid manner with minor cons. HIS department is so confident about their employees’ awareness to their goals that they even entrust their employees by allowing coders to work from home even though there are some disadvantages of working online. By using the goal setting system, HIS department is able to evolve in a fast manner and bene...

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...any. The type of leadership which a company adopts can be determined by its organizational context. Elizabeth Layman (2011) also stated that HIS Department managers were able to make decisions and adjustment based on the organizational structure, features of bureaucracies, the organizational context, organizational behaviour and motivation. It is also necessary for the HIS department management team to make a step by step approach in implementing their new job designs. Being under the health care industry, the employees may face many challenges due to the quantity of work, the development of technologies and the nature of work. To have a successful redesign of work, the HIS department’s management team needs to balance the work accordingly in order to fit in the comfort zones of the employees and at the same time, successfully implementing the job enrichment.

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