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Wellness in a workplace is a key factor determining how productive an organization shall be. This wellness encompasses two concepts, organizational well-being and the psychological well-being. Organization wellness encompasses collective well-being within the organization and this is brought forth by concepts such as embracing diversity, collaboration and fairness. Psychological wellness on the other hand involves the general well-being of the particular persons in the workplace. Essentially, psychological wellness of the employees is paramount over the organizational well-being. There is no general structure how this should be carried out- each organization may adopt its own specific model. The organization’s management has a big role to play to foster the psychological wellness of its labour force. Firstly, the management should ensure the expectations from each of the employees are clearly stated. With an employee having precise knowledge of what is expected from them, he or she will undertake his or her roles in a more organized manner and this also enhances faster delivery. In addition, the management should enhance flexibility I the workplace. Flexibility makes the workplace environment more manageable. A clear manifestation of a flexible workplace is one that allows employees adjust the hours of work if the adjustment is necessary. It may also include allowing them to work from another place other than the office, for instance working from a nearby restaurant. This seeks to make their working experiences more realistic and manageable. This flexibility will also aid the employees meet their non-work responsibilities and this greatly motivates them. Additionally, the management can achieve a high psychological wellness of t... ... middle of paper ... ... will need to be tolerant and accommodate her preferred styles of operations. By doing this, the company will have manifested its tolerance towards diversification. In addition, they may choose to increase her salary. Pay hike is one of the best motivating factors for employees. Additionally, rewarding her for achievements attained will be another source of profound motivation. Rewarding is a form of recognition. Genuine appreciation is also another technique that could be used. Sponsoring her undertake career development trainings will also aid to raise her morale. Other techniques would include inspiring her, solicit her input in the overall management, devise a profit-sharing scheme and so forth. When sufficiently motivated, Ayame will be at a much better place to easily adopt the company’s preferred style of management- confrontational management.

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  • Describes the concepts of organizational well-being and psychological wellness in a workplace.
  • Opines that the organization's management has a big role to play to foster the psychological wellness of its labour force.
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