Essay on Dental Hygiene Education for Children

Essay on Dental Hygiene Education for Children

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Many of the chronic diseases that exist in society today develop because children in the United States are not properly educated on the importance of dental hygiene. Educating the younger generation about dental hygiene and dental care allows them to live healthier lives. This creates intellectual decisions concerning their overall health, and will allow future generations to do the same. Numerous researchers and dentists have observed that this topic is a major issue emerging in not only pediatric dentistry but also in general dentistry. According to Paul Griffin Information Knowledge System Management, Dental decay is the most prevalent chronic disease among both children and adults in the United States. Griffin goes into further detail about dental hygiene when discussing the recent national data findings that suggest that several disparities in dental care exist due to the lack of resources concerning dental care. Since there is a lack of dental care this in effect causes a lack of dental education among the younger generation which leads to the majority of chronic diseases that are prominent in the United States today. The government’s role in United States is tremendous in both economic and social terms. If the government decides to inform its citizens on the importance of hygiene especially dental hygiene, this will not only causes ailments rates to decrease, but will also allow economic prosperity for various reasons. For these vital reasons, it is crucial to have a non-profit website funded both by the government and the ADA (American Dental Association) that would primarily educate children on dental care and allow them to make education decisions concerning their health and lifestyles based on the information they have...

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