The Importance Of Challenges In The Dental Hygiene Field

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In the Dental Hygiene field, many challenges come about every day and during different situations. Every day there are new challenges and unusual situations that occur in the dental field, but one challenge that continues to come about and has been a big dispute over the years is the ability to provide beneficial information about oral health care for the underprivileged. For the individuals that are not fortunate enough to pay to have services done in the dental office, lack the knowledge of how important good oral health care is. They do not receive the one on one conversations explaining the significance of taking care of your teeth and gums that the patients who can afford to make appointments and receive essential services do. That…show more content…
There are many opportunities out there for hygienists to deliver the health care message to not only the individuals that cannot afford to go to the dental office, but also the individuals like older citizens and disabled individuals and to different schools around the nation. With that being said, it is not only just the hygienist job to provide that information. Other healthcare professionals are expected to come together and commonly agree on accurate information to specific individuals. “Healthcare professions, including dental hygienists, nurses and physicians should be communicating with each other and working collaboratively for common health care goals. This is the way that we should be practicing and also educating the future” (Pera). It is important to educate children now and get it in their heads that taking care of their teeth and gums and also their body in general is a good way to be successful not just now, but in the future as well. In order to do so, all health care professions are required to step up and come together to inform the young children in schools as well as the underprivileged people who lack the knowledge…show more content…
Yes, dental hygienists face several challenges in an everyday scenario, but they also face the challenge of benefiting others outside of their job and to the ones who are not as fortunate as others. It is imperative that dental hygienists and other health professions come together to expand their knowledge and practices to help the poor. The future of dental hygiene is expected to come from the interaction within the communities, and in order to do so, hygienists need to find the drive and put in the extra effort to encourage others to focus more on their health in order to stay healthy. If the dental field works to help others, their biggest challenge will soon become their

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