Denial of an Addiction Essay

Denial of an Addiction Essay

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Denial of an Addiction
It is hard to put into words the exact reason a person becomes addicted to something such as drugs, alcohol or even gambling. Addiction can be described as becoming so dependent on something that their tolerance could be raised to dangerous levels. When an addicted person needs larger doses, it is because the amount that they originally started with does not provide that “reward” that it once used to. This could lead to a dangerous downfall including disability or even death. One of the hardest parts of the addiction is when the user is in complete denial that there is even a problem.
The theory of positive and negative reinforcement has been used as one way to try and explain the addiction. The positive reinforcement is the “addition of a stimulus or event that will increase the frequency of a certain behavior” (Two Theories of Drug Addiction, Positive Reinforcement and Negative Reinforcement., 2012). The negative reinforcement would be deleting the desire or urge to use the substance.
Before the addiction is in full swing, there are various stages the user will experience. There are many stages that the user will go through. The first stage would be experimentation. At this point, the person is not considered a user, yet. They are curious about the substance, the effects and the attraction that others also have in the substance. They may have friends or family members that talk about it. It may have been a case of peer pressure the first time the person uses the substance, or the person may try it as a coping mechanism to deal with stressful situations, such as the loss of a loved one, or a job. For some individuals it goes no further than the experimentation stage, for others it begins the “recreati...

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