The Power Of Habit Charles Duhigg Analysis

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Addiction is something that may seem inevitable, but at the end it’s entirely the fault of a person who is addicted. In the article, “the power of habit” by Charles Duhigg, it states how Angie Bachmann became addicted to gambling and how it was entirely her fault because she kept accepting the offers from casinos and many other reasons. Both the casino and Angie knew what they were doing by Angie letting herself get into the situation and the casino encouraging it. She started out as a well-settled housewife. When everybody left the house, she ended up all alone without having much to do. Because of this, one day, as she was passing through the streets, she decided to visit a casino for a change. “She knew gambling could lead to trouble, so…show more content…
The regular habit loop gave her the pleasure when she visited the casino and the reward system in the brain was controlled and brought back to normal. Angie couldn’t control the impulse to gamble even though she knew that her gambling was hurting her loved ones. The relationships were strained and all she thought about was ‘Gambling’ whether she was up or down. It takes courage to stop an addiction, especially if you have lost a big amount of money and broke the relationships by that time. But compulsive gamblers (addicted to gambling) go through a problem of being totally out of control. It disrupts their lives, but still they won’t prefer to stay off the bet. The same case applied to Angie. She was so preoccupied with gambling that she wasted both her time and money, despite the serious consequences. There was an experiment done with rats to help visualize the case, “The rat park residents, however, resisted drinking the narcotic solution, no matter how sweet the researchers made it. While they occasionally imbibe(females more than males), they consistently showed a preference for straight water, And when the groups were compared, the caged isolated rats drank up to sixteen times more than the park residents.” (pg 167, Lauren Slater) In this experiment from the article “The rat park“ by Lauren Slater, the rats were kept in a cage and were addicted to the morphine-laced water, then they had to…show more content…
The first was to overcome her loneliness, second was to numb unpleasant feelings, third was to get rid of the isolation that she felt when she was at home and lastly, that feeling that developed when she visited the casino, it gave her happiness which was as a result of the rush of dopamine in her brain.“Years later, after she had lost everything and had ruined her life and her husband’s, after she had thrown away hundreds of thousands of dollars and her lawyer had argued before the state’s highest court that Angie Bachmann gambled not by choice, but out of habit, and thus shouldn’t bear culpability for her losses,.....I honestly believe anyone in my shoes would have done the same things,” (pg 252, Duhigg) This quote explains how she lost everything in her life along with her parents and entire bank balance. Of course she gambled out of control but it was not by choice but by helplessness. She was pressurized as she was the only person dealing with the pain by herself. will put even more pressure on yourself . “Addiction in Alexander’s world is a lifestyle strategy, and like all human-constructed strategies, it’s malleable to education, diversion, opportunity. It’s a choice. (pg 170, Lauren Slater). The rats that were kept in the cage had no way except to like the morphine-laced water. This also applied with Angie. At home, she was like an isolated caged rat (kept apart from others).
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