Demonstrative Communication And Non Verbal Communication Essay

Demonstrative Communication And Non Verbal Communication Essay

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There are many different types of ways to communicate with others. Different components make up the process of communication; there are nonverbal and unwritten factors such as facial expressions, tone and body language. It is important to know how these key elements can change the way a message is received. Examples of these types of demonstrative communication factors will be discussed in this paper.
Demonstrative Communication Paper
Demonstrative communication involves the process of sending and receiving information and or messages by non-verbal and unwritten communication through facial expressions, body language and tone of voice. This type of communication can be effective, ineffective, positive and negative for both the sender and receiver.
Effectiveness and Ineffectiveness of Demonstrative Communication
Effective communication is very important, especially in the workplace. An example of an effective form of demonstrative communication is one’s appearance, the way a person presents themselves says a lot about that person. A person who is well groomed will likely convey those same mannerisms into their work and will also leave an impressionable effect on their future or present employer. Another example of effective demonstrative communication is eye contact, a person who is focused and paying attention will give great eye contact and not look away. If there is a meeting and you have a couple of employees who are not engaged, you will notice that by their eye contact and even their body language. While there are effective ways of demonstrative communication, there are also ineffective ways of demonstrative communication. For example, tone of voice is a huge problem for most people, they mean something one way but their ...

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... will be aggressive.
Listening and Responding
Listening comes into play with demonstrative communication by using gestures to indicate that a person is actively listening. Nodding your head or agreeing is great ways to show active listening skills. When a person is not listening they will tend to turn their heads away from the sender as if to ignore or block out what they are saying. If you are in a room giving a message and you see someone gazing away in space you will automatically get the feeling that they are not listening. When it comes to responding it is important to engage in conversation by asking questions, this gives a great response and indicates interest. Be sure to understand what is being said; paraphrase what the sender is saying to be sure that you are clear on the message. Lastly, focus on what is being said, tune out all other distractions.

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