Non Verbal Communication Essay

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Knowing other forms of communication is important because it can help to decrease negative behaviors for those who are non-verbal, and to understand their wants and needs. Many Autistic children have trouble with socializing and understanding different facial features, tones of voice, body language. For a non-verbal Autistic child the level of difficulty increases along with the chance of them becoming frustrated. There are many ways for a non-verbal child to be able to communicate, such as PECS boards, writing, different technology on ipads. This paper will provide evidence to answer the question: What are some techniques that are used to help a non-verbal Autistic child communicate? Annotated Bibliography
Laura DeThorne, Mariana Aparicio
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Also incorporates how a child with Autisms sensory is affected. In addition to auditory comprehension differences, individuals with autism frequently show atypical responses to audiovisual speech, suggesting a multisensory contribution to these communicative differences from their typically developing peers (Ryan A. Stevenson 2013). This article helps to understand that there are other forms of communication for a non-verbal Autistic child to learn and use, but also makes the readers aware of some hurdles and complications that come along with being…show more content…
Phase 1, physical exchange. Phase 2, expanding spontaneity. Phase 3, picture disrimiation. Phase 4, sentence building. Phase 5, responding. Phase 6, responsive and spontaneous comments. PECS treatment had a significant impact on communication outcomes and more limited effects on maintenance and generalization of gains (Ganz et al. 2012). Included in this article is how PECS is used in the classroom and taught to “grade level” peers so that a child with Autism could also communicate with children his/her age. I found this article to be the most informative and helpful with showing how the child can communicate with not only the educators and parents but also other children, and how a non-verbal child with Autism can create
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