Declaration And Address Of The Christian Association Of Washington Essay

Declaration And Address Of The Christian Association Of Washington Essay

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Declaration and Address: Call to Unification
Thomas Campbell witnessed division among the church. Archibald Bruce professor from University of Glasgow influenced his desire to be a preacher for Whitburn Seminary of Anti-Burgher Seceder Presbyterian Church. While pastoring in Ireland at Ahorey Church, Campbell was driven by a deep desire to unite the Burghers and Anti-Burghers. Knowing this the Seceder of the Presbyterian Church sent Campbell to unite the Presbyterian churches in New England colonies. In 1807, Campbell agrees to immigrate to America motivated by better health and greater opportunities for his family. Assigned to Chartiers Presbyterian in May of 1807, after a few months preaching from his heart, the Synod called him before them in October of 1807. Charged for preaching against human creeds and confessions of faith in New Hope, Campbell withdrew from the Anti-Burger Seceder Presbyterian Church on September 13. He continued to preach to those whom which agreed with him. Campbell wrote The Declaration and Address of the Christian Association of Washington with purpose to unite the whole body of Christ, redirecting the Word of God as the only authoritative head of the Church using an objective point of view to reach out to a divided body of Christ.
Waiting for his family to join him in America, an expression “Where the Scripture speaks, we speak; and were the Scriptures are silent, we are silent” became his cry for reformation from within the church, not as individual segments but as a whole. Formed together out of spiritual bond, The Christian Association of Washington, PA., in August 1809 exhaled its first breathe. Proofed and printed by the association, outlining their thirteen prepositions on reuniting in truth, Th...

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...e up, prepare the way; take up the stumbling-block out of the way of my people.”” (Campbell and Thomas) Campbell used an objective point of view to call to all brother of Christ.
Keeping this notion in the back of his head, he knew no blame could be placed on one church or another alone. His mode for bonding was to find the mutual foundation of faith and exercise in the New Testament and to restore the church to its original beginning. As an edifying reminder to align the church, the words used,”…if no such Divine and adequate basis of union can be fairly exhibited there would, upon this supposition, remain no other way of accomplishing it, but merely by voluntary compromise, and good natured accommodations” (Campbell and Thomas) to let others decide for themselves. To Thomas Campbell, it is disunity, which not only causes disunion but also extinguishes one’s soul.

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