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General Overview Francis of Assisi is one of the most influential personalities in the entire world. In the book ‘Francis of Assisi: Performing the Gospel Life,’ Cunningham recounts the life of this humble monk who lived in the medieval times, and shaped the Christian life, which spread in Western culture throughout the rest of history. I believe Cunningham accurately accounts for the life of Francis of Assisi, and in doing so; he provides a trajectory of the Christian faith from its early and historical proponents through its fusion with western culture, and its subsequent spread throughout the world. The main character of the book is Francis Assisi, and Cunningham provides a vivid account of his life and ideals in the world. Francis of Assisi…show more content…
Chapter one, ‘Beginnings at Assisi,’ offers a vivid description of the social, political, economic, cultural, demographic description of Assisi and its inhabitants. Here, the author describes the life of Francis and the situations and circumstances prompting his journey to spread the ideal gospel life to the world. This chapter is relevant in determining the circumstances that instigated a need for reforms in the Catholic Church. This chapter is applicable in my life because it offers insight on the fundamental Christian I can rely on in my daily life. In chapter two, ‘Francis and His Companions,’ Cunningham exposes the considerable growth in Francis of Assisi’s influence, as he recounts his companions that joined him after deciding to live his life. The chapter is significant because it exposes how Francis of Assisi’s gospel is different from the orthodox Catholic practices, which recognized the pope, as the sole Vicar of Christ. (Cunningham 32). This chapter is important in my life because it reinforces my conviction God is the almighty and all-powerful, and all people regardless of the status of the needed to worship…show more content…
It is relevant because it shows how he managed to avoid rebellion from his brothers by teaching them how to live the life of Christ. I would employ Assisi’s teachings in order to live an ideal gospel life. In Chapter Five, ‘The Stigmata of Saint Francis,’ Cunningham analyzes the originality of Saint Francis of Assisi’s stigmata. It surrounds a controversy that emerges about a manuscript where Brother Elias letter is announcing Francis death, argued he carried Christ’s five wounds. Therefore, it is relevant because it exposes Francis stigmata as debatable because not many witnessed this occurrence during his death. I would apply this chapter in my life by critically analyzing the historical development of the Christian faith in order to practice a perfect

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