Essay on The Death Of A Soldier

Essay on The Death Of A Soldier

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The home soldier Mackinson came back to was not the one he left a year ago. His family was no longer the same even when they were all there. Something about him was different as well. He felt that he was no longer the guy he was, prior to deployment. He couldn’t talk to anybody about it. Who will understand him? Nobody, except the guys he was with in battle! He looked around for combat patches, fellow battle buddies who saw the same terrible visions morning, afternoon, evening, and night. He couldn’t disclose this to anyone else. After all, he was a soldier, a tough soldier who dusts off and moves on.
Six months passed. He thought he could leave the war behind him. He tried to close his eyes, but saw himself holding his battle buddy’s lifeless body in his arms, taken away from this world by IEDs. It was no fault of his, yet the scar it left in his soul, was tough to articulate. He was scared to talk about it, afraid, ashamed, and embarrassed to ask for help. What if someone identified him as a useless broken soldier? He didn’t have wounds that people could see. He wasn’t getting any medals for the wounds that scarred and mutilated him on the inside. Despite the fact that he was with his family, he felt alone, very alone, with no one to help him. He remained trapped in his own memories.
Not many understand what Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is nor do they realize the wounds that PTSD creates are as real as the ones that bleed. Mark Goulston, prominent Psychiatrist and author of PTSD for Dummies defines PTSD as a major, life-altering disorder that strikes many people who survive traumatic experiences. The invisible epidemic makes people suffer alone and in silence. They feel scared, anxious, and isolated from ...

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... or dissociative disorders. They exhibit behavioral difficulties, extreme emotional difficulties and mental difficulties. Treatment often takes much longer, may progress at a much slower rate, and requires a sensitive and highly structured treatment program delivered by a team of trauma specialists.
PTSD can be a highly disabling disease where the past is always present in people haunted by the memory of the traumatic events. However, PTSD also represents an opportunity for both mental and spiritual growth due to the human ability to adapt and thrive despite experiencing adversity and tough times. With both public and scientific interest at a steady increase, PTSD awareness and research on PTSD continues to flourish. With good research and treatment, there is strong possibility to bring back harmony into the lives of our those who have experienced significant trauma.

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