Database Administration And Information Technology Essay

Database Administration And Information Technology Essay

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Databases are pervasive in technology today and are, therefore, integral to any list meant to show relationships between data that grows beyond a simple spreadsheet. In my experience, many businesses rely heavily on databases yet rely on the company providing the software that interacts with a particular database to maintain the specific databases rather than have an in-house database administrator. While it may often be cost prohibitive to hire a DBA, many information technology department employees, within the departments for which I have worked at least, often wear many “hats” in their day to day operations and are often expected to do some work with databases. I have attempted this learning effort along the way and, prior to this class, have gotten to the point of installing and upgrading SQL databases and running minimal queries within them for such things as customer or product information. I believe learning the fundamentals of database administration would greatly help in this endeavor.
Elmasri and Navathe define a database as “a collection of related data, where data means recorded facts” (Elmasri & Navathe, 2016, p. 27). The main characteristics of databases covers many concepts. While a database shows the relationship between collections of files, they need database management systems to control the databases, views to provide specified access to users, foreign and primary keys that link data to each other, and cells, elements, tuples, attributes and relations, which all set up the structure, or schema, of how the data fits into a database (Harris, 2002). The DBMS, which is essential to using and controlling the data within the databases, also has multiple parts. Four major elements make up a DBMS, typically, the d...

... middle of paper ... database end user software in which an employee or a website interacts with a customer, whether the employee or website is providing bank teller information, hotel or airline reservations, and so on, in which the software extracts information from the various databases such as bank account balances, hotel preference requests and vacancies, or airline seat availability. These sort of DBMSs are in the category known as online transaction processing and allow for large numbers of concurrent user transactions (Elmasri & Navathe, 2016). With the advent of social media and growing cloud storage, NOSQL databases were created to provide much larger storage but also items new to the database world, such as blog posts, videos and pictures(Elmasri & Navathe, 2016). The list of database purposes and the software created to interact with these databases is literally endless.

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