CVF Analysis: Amazon, Inc. Essay

CVF Analysis: Amazon, Inc. Essay

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Stakeholders and stockholders are a group of individuals that can affect the company and also are affected by the company. In order to be a successful company needs to maintain their investor’s confidence. Stockholders are also able to develop value for the customer because they invest on ideas that will produce success for the company. Stakeholders are all the individuals that have an interest in the company such as employees, customers, and the surrounding community. is publicly traded company, meaning its stock is accessible to the public (Amazon Inc., 2013). A company that is public deals with the uncertainty of the market but must try and sustain loyalty. If stockholders are not able to trust in the company they feel their stock is jeopardized. When the corporation is able to focus on keeping the stockholders happy then their price per stock in turn soars. The investors will have to pay more money per stock, increasing the revenue of the company. Currently, Amazon stocks on average can be purchased at $350 a piece, a relatively high value (Amazon Inc., 2013).
Amazon additionally offers a reduced rate of stock to their employees (Amazon Inc., 2013). This provides an incentive to stay employed in the company. The employees are inspired to work harder because they are aware that if the company becomes more valuable so will their stocks. Amazon recognizes that employees have a value through this stock benefit.
The most important factor for any stockholder is for their share to keep rising. When Amazon creates a product or a new market-line they need to consider the impact it might have on their stock. For example, when the Kindle was launched the stock soared with the response received by the consum...

... middle of paper ... Raton, FL: CRC Press.
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