Essay on Customer Service At The Top Of The Iceberg

Essay on Customer Service At The Top Of The Iceberg

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Having promotional activities such as discounts, free-shipping on online purchases, and bold advertisements are not sufficient to put A&F at the top of the iceberg. Several improvements to the brand as well as customer service have to be done. As keeping existing customers is cheaper than getting a new one, A&F needs to build brand resonance with its customers, whereby consumers can engage actively by investing time, money, and other resources, feel a sense of community as customers are made to feel affiliated with the brand, express attachment to the brand whereby consumers “love” A&F, and last but not least, convey behavioral loyalty through repeat purchases. Loyalty programs can be added to A&F’s plan in rebuilding its brand image, and upgrading the perceived benefits customers will receive. This loyalty programs can be further expanded to ensure customers’ acknowledgement of their significance to the brand by reward points, purchasing discounts, or ability to view and reserve some apparels. Therefore, through loyalty programs, existing customers will feel more appreciated by being offered greater advantages. Loyalty programs can also generate more revenues for A&F through membership registration fee, thus improving its brand equity. A&F has to build and emphasize a culture that customers own the brand, and through the loyalty programs A&F will be able to identify, maintain, and increase the yield of its “best” customers through interactive, long-term, and value-added relationship.
Creating a well-designed customer service program whereby customers are able to communicate their thoughts and feelings toward the brand is also a way to build stronger relationship to customers, and thus leveraging brand equity. As A&F target mark...

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...venue due to its apparent weaknesses. A&F’s simple product designs is failing to amuse the trendy world of young generation, and its lack of customer care programs to keep existing customers gives consumers no reason to come back. Therefore, I have suggested above several recommendations for A&F to improve its brand equity. In order to keep existing customers to purchase more of its products, A&F should produce loyalty programs that give consumers numerous reason to return with greater advantages. Enhancing customer service programs will also make customers feel appreciated and a sense of attachment to the brand. In addition, A&F should produce more advertisements through social media that are highly appealing to its target market. Finally, A&F should adapt to the ever-changing target customers’ opinions and fashion trends through more sophisticated product designs.

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