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To define curriculum leadership, one should first have a working definition of curriculum. According to Marsh and Willis (2007), curriculum is usually regarded to mean a program of instruction at a school including both the planned and unplanned events in the classroom (pp.16, 375). Curriculum has three basic focal points: the nature of the individual, the nature society, and the nature of a subject (P. Brown, CIED 5053 lecture notes, August 28, 2006).
Looking at these definitions, one could come up with several different meanings for curriculum leadership. A curriculum leader could be the principal at a school who guides the teaching and learning at his or her school or could be the department head that plans the course of study for a subject. A curriculum leader could be the curriculum director in a district who guides the teaching and learning within a school district by defining the district’s educational goals, learning objectives and curriculum taught to students. Curriculum leaders provide the vision for the teaching and learning that takes place within a school or district. As lifelong learners, they seek professional development opportunities and are knowledgeable of current trends in curriculum and education with the goal of improving student learning in mind. Curriculum leaders also plan and create professional development opportunities providing teachers opportunities to improve their teaching practice and knowledge, whether this is through activities such as study groups, book studies, daylong events, or ongoing professional development covering a certain area such as math or reading curriculum.
On a larger level, curriculum leaders are people who theorize about how students learn, how student learning and sc...

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