Curricular And Instructional Programming For Learners Essay

Curricular And Instructional Programming For Learners Essay

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Curricular and instructional programming for learners with mild to moderate disabilities in grades 7-12 (Instructional Practice) was one of the few courses that gave me the ability to self evaluate myself and come up with a plan that would help me grow in my field of study. At the beginning of the semester I came up with three areas I believe I needed to improve on, those then became known as goals. One of those goals was to familiarize myself with the common core standards for higher grade. I personally have a strong dislike towards the common core, so it was hard for me to see it through another perspectives. I began this journey by going on websites that explained what the common core was and how it was beneficial to the school systems. I also went online and looked for both positive and negative point of view. I did this in order to become less bias and also to remember that people out there do agree with my reasons and dislikes. After I was able to finally become less bias, I then went to the engage New York website and became more inform all while looking to see the difference between the standards set for elementary school verses higher levels in education.
Another one of my goals was to familiarize myself with topics I knew little of such as disabilities included in the 13 disabilities categories and terms that I needed to know in order to better serve my future students and their guardians. I was surprise by how little I knew about some of the terms. One term that stood out to me was Phenylketonuria (PKU), because I never heard of it before. This was eye opening because as and educator I might be asked to monitor a child’s daily food intake or bowl movements. I never though of all responsibilities that might be given to ...

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...glad I got the chance of taking part of this experience.
I had an amazing time taking this course because the individual attention made it much easier to interact with the professor and work around due dates. The book selected for this course was very intriguing to me because not only did it give me information, it helped me view my own way of thinking. The activities in the book allowed me to better understand the material and personalize my way of thinking. In other words, the book didn’t just instruct me on how to teacher and what would work and what wouldn’t; it allowed me to learn about myself as a learner and as an educator.
Overall, this course taught me that in order to achieve success one must set goals, in order to reach those goals one must be willing to challenge thyself, in order to challenge thyself one must embrace thy weaknesses and strengths.

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