Culture And Defining The Role Of Leadership Essay

Culture And Defining The Role Of Leadership Essay

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Culture and Defining The Role Of Leadership


I believe a person can be taught to lead and manage but one can't be taught how to

effectively and successfully lead and manage. I don't believe the corporate culture of the

organization has to with it. I think leading and managing has to do with the individual person.

How that person is motivated, how that person sees him/herself. Can he/she lead

effectively or is managing the nitch that they have.

A Leader will effectively orchestrate change, create a vision, inspire people to follow the

vision and keep people focused towards an ideal future.

What is Culture?

I first want you to understand what culture is because to understand culture is to

understand the organization. According to Anthropologist James Sparely, culture is "the

acquired knowledge people use to interpret experience and generate behavior".

Culture can be interpreted in many ways such as national/ethnic culture, secondary or subgroup

culture, culture in the anthropological sense and the capital C culture.

The national/ ethnic culture is described as how one was raised as a child such as African

American culture or Chinese culture. This interpretation is a very narrow view because it is a

norm and it also raises challenges in our virtual team communication.

Secondary or sub-group culture is described as our social groups such as women's group

or golf group. Culture in the anthropological sense refers to behaviors one shares over time and

the capital C culture refers to the performing arts.

Individuals from different cultures vary in terms of their behaviors and communication

styles (Gudykunst, 1997). Edward Halls th...

... middle of paper ...

...wing the Mission and Vision stated this

company has greatly succeeded in its leadership in maintaining a healthy organizational culture.

I think the key to a healthy organizational culture is truly a great leader. A leader with

self motivation, a leader with life skills not just educational skills. This leader should know what

to expect from his/or her members because his vision is clear and concise. This leader will not

only have plans for present day activities but for future endeavors, making sure that followers

can see this future and actually taste success. A great leader trains others to precede him when he

cannot lead any longer making certain that his vision stays alive.


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